How to Register a Walmart Gift Card – Activate Walmart Visa Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card is the one which allows the user to shop at any store or retail outlet where the debit cards are accepted, unlike other traditional gift cards which are allowed to shop at the shortlisted stores on the card. These cards are valid in all the states and districts of Columbia. All the users or holders can make online purchases and payments from time to time with this gift cards. You may not know the balance remaining in the card after the purchase of some items so in order to know the current balance in the Walmart Gift Card, the cardholder must keep track of the balance and the purchases done by registering the Walmart Gift Card soon after receiving it from the Walmart store.

Reasons to Register a Walmart Gift Card

The Walmart requires the customers who use the Walmart Gift Card to register their first, not only for checking the balance but also to decrease the fake Transactions or fraud transactions irrespective of the amount present in the gift card either it may be 20$ or 1000$. While registering the Walmart Visa Gift Card attach a billing address to the account so that the merchants can use this address to verify the card while a transaction approval and this helps in preventing the fraud and protects the customer as well as the Walmart. If you register you may also able to report when the card is lost, damaged or stolen and can take a new one.

Procedure for Registering the Walmart Visa Gift Card

Follow the procedure for registering the Walmart Visa Gift Card
First of all, open the site www.walmartgift com and click on the register tab present in the top row of the Walmart Gift Card homepage. Now enter the 16 digital gift card number present on the front side of the card in the first box shown and in the second box enter the three digit security code or CVV number which is seen on the back side of the gift card. Next, click on the green colored continue box. Next, you need to enter the name and the billing address. The name and the billing address should be the same everywhere when you purchase any items or payment of the goods. If the details are not matched then your transaction will be canceled by the merchant.

Check Gift Card Balances Before Shopping

The user needs to check the balance now and then to ensure that there is minimum balance before going to the shopping unless he feels disappointed at the time of payment. It is a good practice to check the balance in the gift card. The user can check the balance present in the gift card without logging in to the account page this can be done by heading to the homepage of the Walmart Visa Gift Card and entering the card number and security code and click on the green button to check the balance present in the card and you can see the total amount left on the card with which you can shop. Another way to find the balance left on the card is to call the number 866-633_9096 and following the prompt and enter the account information.